Reviews | Josh Grimaldi


  • "Josh preformed a short version of his Street Show at Eastercamp for our youth group. All the kids and Leaders loved it."

    Ezra Sharp - 31/03/12

  • "Josh is a great performer, and he and Joy and Bingo are great fun in our Xmas Parade. The children love him! We certainly will have Josh back again."

    Twizel Mistletoe Market - 29/11/07

  • "Thanks Josh for being apart of Relay for Life. It is such a festive event that something would be missing without a Clown!!! I know the kids enjoyed you but secretly many adult faces light up as well with your antics. So thank you so much. We did enjoy you being a part of such a successful weekend."

    Chairperson Des Kearns, Relay For Life Committee - 26/06/12

  • "A huge thanks and appreciation for the wonderful magical performance Josh gave at Archie's party on Saturday. Adults and children alike were entranced!"

    Nicola, Ian and Archie H - 24/03/12

  • "This show is a quality show for primary school students giving all the right messages about good foods to eat and why. A key is the interaction with the student audience and the participation by a number of students. Josh links his magic tricks with the healthy eating messages in a manner which has students understanding the link between good food and good learning.

    For close on an hour Josh takes the students on a journey from having a healthy breakfast to having a healthy day.

    If your school is having a focus on Nutrition and Healthy Eating then this show is a must."

    Principal Syd Horgan, Primary School / SCDHB - 21/06/12

  • "Josh's show had a great variety of magic tricks which mirrored his Healthy Eating theme well. I was teaching a class of yr0/1 pupils that day and they were able to relay the message that came though in the show. I particularly enjoyed the way he got the children to participate in the tricks. Josh was entertaining and had the audience captivated and trying to work out how the tricks were done. Well done Josh and good luck with your future shows."

    Brenna Sugrue, St Joseph's school - 18/06/12

  • "Hi Josh, I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful show!! The kids loved it and the adults were most impressed. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to everyone and anyone!!! I'm sure it wont be the last time we have a similar party and you will most defiantly be first on the list to call, thanks again."

    Patsy-Anne, Aaron, Blair, Seth and Hayley - 17/05/09

  • "Thanks Josh, The children really enjoyed the show. Thanks Jean"

    Selwyn House School - 17/03/14

  • "Dear Magician thank you for coming to the HWC (Home Work Club)."

    Jake + Regan from 2 children at a show. - 15/09/11

  • "Josh's Eat Healthy Be Healthy Magic Show entertained and enforced the Food and Nutrition message we want our children to understand and practice. The children’s (Yr 0-Yr 8) attention was held for the whole 45 minutes as they were amazed by the tricks and the skill Josh showed."

    Principal Terry Whyte, St Joseph’s School - 14/04/10

  • "Josh's "Eat Health Be Healthy Magic Show" entertained, and reinforced the Food and Nutrition message we want our children to understand and practice. The children's (Yr 0- Yr * attention was held for the whole 45 minutes they were amazed by the tricks and stills Josh showed. "

    Terry Whyte (Principal St Joseph.s School Temuka) - 11/11/10

  • "Thanks Josh - the children and Staff really enjoyed the show."

    Pam- Woosh Rocks School Holiday Program - 05/07/12

  • "Hi Josh Thank you so much for a most enjoyable day at the Sports & Social Club’s Childrens xmas party. The kids loved you. We will be looking forward to seeing you again next year and will let you know a date . "

    The committee S.C.R.S.A. Sports & Social Club Timaru - 01/12/13