Schools - The Health Fun Fit Show | Josh Grimaldi

Schools - The Health Fun Fit Show

Presented by Josh Grimaldi in the medium of magic and circus arts, the Health Fun Fit Show is designed to improve children’s eating habits in a captivating, fun and magical way.

Josh Grimaldi aims to make this show as accessible as possible for all the school children of Canterbury (primary age school children, year 1 to 8) because he believes all children need to hear and understand the message of healthy eating.

The 45-minute action packed show is full of live animal magic, illusions and unicycle stunts! It demonstrates:
  • The importance of healthy food
  • How and why healthy eating gives them energy to learn and play
  • Why eating junk food is bad
  • Importance of eating breakfast
  • The value of drinking water
Booking this fantastic show is an investment in your student’s health and well-being; it will make a difference in your school.

Contact Josh or download the PDF info file for more details and pricing.